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How can I enable and view user audit logs?

Open source newbie here. I need to know how to enable and view user audit logs (who logs in, who SU to root, what commands were executed by root and history log files) Unix has this, but I cannot find any information online regarding Linux (searched ITKnowledge Exchange archives and linux.about.com). This is a "play" box and we all SU to root, but someone blew something away.
Take a look at the file /etc/logins.defs. Define SYSLOG_SU_ENAB to yes. Also uncomment #SULOG_FILE /varlogf/sulog. This should give you a jumping off point. If this doesn't work, I recommend finding a forum for your distribution and posting a question. We almost always find that we're not the first to encounter a problem and someone has already solved it and is willing to share their knowledge. Good luck!

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