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How can I connect to my RSS Data Adapter with Linux or Windows?

I have a Pentium 4 PC with both Red Hat Linux 7 and Windows XP. Linux does not recognize my external modem, a Nortel Networks RSS Data Adapter. How can I connect through Windows?
I have not been able to find any information on the RSS Data Adapter. So I will give you a ballpark guess on a way to at least get the Windows side of things to connect to the Internet. You may be able to map a modem under the product, Win4Lin and then map a COM port for your modem to the virtual Windows session. Then you could use the manufacturer-supplied drivers while running Linux, but that won't allow the Linux networking stack to access the network over your Nortel device. I am sure they will give you a demo if you tell them I sent you.

To solve your problem for Linux, I would make a couple of suggestions:

  1. Update your Linux distribution. I notice that you are using Red Hat 7.0, which lacks hardware support for your modem. However, there have been a number of major releases since that time with improvements to the hardware support.

  2. Check the following databases for hardware support for Linux entering your device.

    If these databases don't yield any results and you really want to use Linux and connect through your data adapter, then I suggest using these resources to help you decide on what model you may want to acquire.

  3. Finally, you could use Knoppix to try to detect your modem by booting from the CD-ROM and then have Knoppix hardware detection take a crack at discovering your modem. The Knoppix 3.7 disk is a free download and will probably have as modern a hardware detection database as any Linux distribution.

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