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How can I change the date in both CICS batch and online environments?

My name is William Nieto. I'm a system programmer of AVVillas BANK. Actually we are working in OS/390 V2R10 and CICS TS 1.3. and we have many CICS environments in test, development and production. My question is: How can I change the date in a CICS batch environment and how can I change the date in a CICS online environment?


I'm afraid that you cannot alter the Date/Time used by CICS whilst it is running. We use MVS STCK instructions in lots of places to update the Date/Time saved in the CSA - so merely changing these values in the CSA will not last for any defined period of time. I had a look to see if any GLUEs could be suitable for use in updating the EIB so as to ZAP the Date, but again there is no predictable way of doing this.

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