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How can I assign different access rights to multiple users in Samba 3.0?

I need to Share a Linux file system with Windows 2000 clients and the file system needs to support complete Microsoft-based file level security. In other words, I should be able to assign different access rights to multiple users and groups. Typically what you will do on a NT/2000 server by "right click / security and add user and his access rights". How do I do this on Samba 3.0?
I suggest you refer to "The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide," ISBN: 0131453556, available from Amazon.Com. Chapter 12, "File, Directory and Share Access Controls".

Additionally, you might refer to Chapter 2, "Fast Start: Cure for Impatience" of the same book. This provides several worked examples for how to control access to Samba shared resources.

In short:

  1. Just as in Windows NT4/200x you can set ACLs on a share. This is done from the Windows NT4/200x/XP workstation logged in with domain administrative rights.
  2. You can use UNIX file system permissions to control such access.
  3. You can use share definition control to limit or enable access to files and directories from the root of the share
  4. Providing the UNIX/Linux file system supports ACLs (and ACL support has been comiled into Samba) you can use Windows ACLs to set POSIX ACLs on file system objects (files and directories).

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