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Help with using the VSE bridge

I'm using Transaction Server 1.1.1 on VSE 2.5.1, and I'm trying to use the 3270 bridge (not the CWS flavor). I have written a CICS client that links to my bridge monitor which uses TS queues to send and receive data from the IBM supplied bridge exit, DFH0CBRE. I keep getting an abend code ABRE. In the user response for ABRE it asks if DFHBRMS and DFHBRTC are referenced from the LIBDEF, and yes they are. However, neither had an RDO entry. Do you know if they need to, or is there some group that needs to be added to support 3270 bridge.

I'll have to confess that I'm entirely ignorant of CICS/VSE - but I've looked at the MVS Code upon which the VSE product is based, so this comment will be around the area if not hitting it.

These modules are actually loaded as part of the CICS nucleus at startup time - so I suspect that what you are seeing is not related to a missing module condition - as you observe. Thus, it's something else that is going on.

This Abend Code - although documented as a missing module - can actually be raised by some other things: Double use of a JVM, Bad Commarea Lengths, Autoinstall problems etc...

You will have to look at the Trace to see what is going on, but I'd be inclined to focus on what is going on in the Autoinstall functionality: these Bridge-Exit related modules will have to be used with CICSKEY, and Autoinstall may not be applying the correct key.

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