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Help troubleshooting MAPFAIL condition

I have used MDT for some fields in the map. When I tried to submit the map, I found that the program checks for the MAPFAIL condition. Since some field attributes have the MDT set, that condition never occurs and the program is getting in to a loop condition. Some people suggest I use TSQ concept, but I am not aware of TSQ concept in CICS?

I don't really understand this question, but here is a stab at it. It appears that an existing program is using the MAPFAIL condition for some reason, and then triggering an action on it. Perhaps MAPFAIL is being used to indicate nothing was entered by the user on the screen, and this is being taken to mean some sort of exit function is being invoked.

If this is the case, then the program logic is incorrect -- by assuming that any data arrival (such as that caused by MDT=ON for a field) means something interesting has been keyed by the end-user. You will need to recode your application program, perhaps using a PA or PF key to signal the end-of-function exit (the most common case being to use PF3 as an exit indication).

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