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Help links for creating a domain to migrate from Windows to Linux

I recently installed Red Hat Enterprise ES on one of my servers. Now, I want to create a domain so I can move my network from Windows to Linux. Can you give me some ideas on how to do that or refer me to some link that can help me? I'm lost in the RHCE book.
Judging from your question, I am going to assume you have a local area network that is being serviced by a Windows NT or 200x server and you want to replace it. I also assume that this server has a primary function as a file and print server maybe with Active Directory. Going under these assumptions I think what you want to do is look at Samba. Samba will be the service on your Linux box that handles these file and print sharing duties for your legacy network.

I think that fellow SearchEnterpriseLinux.com Expert John Terpstra's book Samba-3 by example is particularly good.

The Samba Web site also is a fountain of great information. I recommend looking over this page. I also think this chapter is particularly relevant to your situation.

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