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Help! I lost my file.

I want to rename a file, but I entered the "rm" command instead of "mv" command by mistake. Is there a way can get my file back?
Sorry, perhaps the only thing Dos/Windows has over Unix, is this feature. That's why in Unix, some of us will issue an rm -i instead of rm. You would then need to issue a to rm the file. With Solaris, you can bring a file back only if you use file manager. . You would then look into dt/Trash, to bring back the file. I have heard some people say Unix treats people like adults. It assumes that if you issue a command, you really want to do it. So you better make sure you issue the right command. It will even let you do rm -rf, from /. Of course, it won't finish the job. During the removal of /usr, your system will crash! Don't do this!!!

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