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Going from Mandriva to Red Hat or SuSE

An open source issues and strategies expert explains why moving from Mandriva to Red Hat or SuSE is not a drastic change due to the similarity of Linux distributions.

I have just installed Mandriva 2006 on my machine, and following that, read that Mandriva is going through some very tough times. If the company changes their business model drastically or folds, how difficult would it be to move to say Red Hat or SuSE?

The truth is that the Linux distributions are very similar, so this should not be as much of a problem as you might imagine. It is always easier to upgrade rather than re-install, of course, but since you're talking about one machine, I wouldn't worry about it until you're ready for newer features down the road.

Since Mandriva has lost market share, you are likely to find that more applications are written and tested for Red Hat and SuSE, however.

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