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Getting an abend when typing P/ in alphaneumeric field

I am getting an abend when I type in P/ in an alphanumeric field in CICS screens. The abend reads as follows "DFHTP4104 A paging request was received but there are no pages for display." I would like to know how to avoid this.

I have included below the description of the PGRET System Initialization parameter extracted from the CICS System Definition Guide. You will see that the PGRET character string (which I deduce is P/ for your installation) must be such that it can never be entered at a terminal as if it were a transaction ID. The data you entered on the panel was interpreted by CICS as a transaction ID and so CICS initiated the paging transaction CSPG. In particular Note 5 says that, even if you are in the middle of a pseudo-conversation, if the first characters in a terminal input message correspond to the PGRET character string then CSPG will be invoked. The solution to your problem is to choose a different character combination for the PGRET parameter. I appreciate this may be a problem if your end users are used to using P/ as a paging command but I can think of no better solution.

PGRET=character(s) specifies the character string that is recognized by terminal control as a BMS terminal page-retrieval command. It can be 1 through 7 characters.

    1. Each character string is unique with respect to the leading characters of every other transaction identification defined in the CSD. A command requested by a single character precludes the use of all other transaction identifications starting with this character.

    2. In pseudoconversational mode, each character string is unique with respect to the leading characters of any terminal input message.

    3. A field-separator or other suitable delimiter may be specified in each character string to separate this command code from the remainder of the paging command when entered by an operator. For example:
    PGCHAIN = X/
    PGCOPY = C/
    PGPURGE = T/
    PGRET = P/This reduces the risk of creating a nonunique command. (See Note 1.)
    Restrictions If you specify PGCHAIN, PGCOPY, PGPURGE, or PGRET in the SIT, the characters you choose must not include any of the following: ( ) ' If you specify PGCHAIN, PGCOPY, PGPURGE, or PGRET as a PARM, SYSIN, or console parameter, do not enclose the characters in quotation marks. The characters you choose must not include an embedded blank or any of the following: ( ) ' =

    4. PGCHAIN, PGCOPY, PGPURGE, and PGRET are required only if full function BMS is being used. For information about the BMS page retrieval transaction CSPG.

    5. CICS always processes a paging command entered by the operator before initiating a transaction invoked by an EXEC CICS RETURN command with the TRANSID option.

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