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Getting a Web extract right

Editor's Note: Jerald W. Johnson, manager of CICS and MQ Systems programming at UCLA Healthcare, has answered this question for us.

I'm doing a Web extract to get the query string that contains multiple name/value pairs. Do I have to parse the result manually to get the individual name/value pairs, or is there a better way of doing this. The query string data contains two name/value pairs -- page=zz1234&seltran=BS99.
Program DFHWBPA is supplied to do just what you are requesting. LINK to DFHWBPA with a COMMAREA ( max length of 4K). The COMMAREA should contain the symbol name you wish, followed by two && symbols, and then followed by the symbol string. If the symbol is found, its value will be return at the beginning of the COMMAREA. This program will only return the data for one symbol, so repeated LINK's are necessary to extract multiple symbols. Documentation for DFHWBPA can be found in the CICS Internet Guide.

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