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Follow-up to DFHOSTAT question

Ken thanks for your help on my DFH0STAT question. It is now running at shutdown. I have some follow up questions.

When DFH0STAT runs at shutdown is it reading CICS SMF records for its data?

How is DFH0STAT different from DFHSTUP?

Do they get data from the same place?

If I have a CICS region which runs for days at a time, how would I configure CICS (cemt i stat) to not reset the stat counters until shutdown?

I would like stats for the entire run of a given CICS region.

DFH0STAT does not read SMF records. It provides a snapshot of the statistics information by using EXEC CICS COLLECT STATISTICS and EXEC CICS INQUIRE commands.

DFH0STAT provides data collected from the running system. DFHSTUP provides data derived from the SMF records.

DFH0STAT and DFHSTUP do not get their data from the same place.

There is no way to configure CICS to prevent resetting the statistics counters at end of day.

You can get a report for the entire multi-day run of a CICS system by running DFHSTUP against the complete set of SMF data for the entire run and requesting a summary report. For details about setting up a job to run DFHSTUP and its control parameters see the CICS Operations and Utilities Guide (SC34-5991 for CICS TS V2.2, SC33-1685 for CICS TS V1.3).

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