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Fixing Impress views

Fixing Impress views in OpenOffice.

I'm working in OpenOffice 2.1 Impress. When I open files in a normal view, the slide sorter view opens on left panel and looks great. The tasks/master pages/layouts panel opens in the right panel normally, but the center of the screen opens with a view of my slide without any text. I only see big boxes with x's inside them showing where the different slide components would be. Sometimes if I click them, they show and other times they don't. When I change to Slide Show mode, they work fine, and display as if nothing is wrong. How can I get the normal view? I can't edit slides in Sorter or Slide Show.
I'm afraid I've never encountered the problem you're describing. I would suggest trying the following:
  • Click the Slide Layouts area in the right pane and apply different slide layouts.
  • Try opening a different template, or try creating a new empty template (File > New > Presentation, then just click Create in the wizard window.).

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