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Firefox making the computer lock up

Firefox keeps making my computer lock up, and I have to use the power button to stop the problem. It all worked okay until I cvsup'd and upgraded yesterday. I did a port upgrade -Rrupf gettext to try and correct the libintl.so.5 error, but it still exists for some applications unless I symlink libintl.so.6 to libintl.so.5. Firefox no longer asks for .so.5 even without the sym link. Other applications using the .so.5 lib work fine, including xchat. Any help would be appreciated.
Usually the symlinks are used to make the generic library name (the one without the .5 or .6) point at a useful copy that's of a specific version, eg .5. That's a first thing to check. If all else fails you can use objdump on the Firefox binary to see what libraries it expects. With your computer locking up, though, it sounds like there's more problems than just that. I'd be trying to get Firefox to dump a core (perhaps using a sleep and kill combination) just to show that BSD is still in charge. If you're sure your box is properly installed at the BSD level, then I'd consider logging a bug at bugzilla.mozilla.org. Test with a recently nightly build first, though.

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