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Finding proprietary office suite alternatives running on Linux

Expert Bernard Golden recommends proprietary office suite alternatives to OpenOffice that will run on Linux such as StarOffice and Corel WordPerfect.

I've tested both Red Hat and SuSE Linux with OpenOffice and am not satisfied enough to suggest the programs for any department in my company. However, I do want to cut desktop purchase, update and management costs and think that Linux and non-Microsoft apps are the way to do. Are there bundled Linux for businesses that can rival the functionality of Microsoft Windows and Office? If so, what are they and what do they add to straight Linux-OpenOffice?

There are other alternatives to OpenOffice and Microsoft Office that are commercial and significantly less expensive that run on Windows (e.g. Corel WordPerfect). For Linux, Sun provides a commercial alternative to OpenOffice called StarOffice that you might check out. Perhaps it would be better to examine why you feel the Linux/OpenOffice alternative is not sufficient and address what could be done to improve that situation.

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