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Feedback to setting dates in CICS

With reference to setting dates in CICS we use a product called Hourglass which allows this to be done. I think PrincetonSoftech sell it.
My thanks to a kind member of the CICS community for pointing out that Princeton Softech sell a product called Hourglass which can manipulate the date/time used by CICS Applications: that's the trouble about being in Development - you loose info about what tools are being used by the CICS community.

The Web site (www.princetonsoftech.com/products/hourglass.asp) tells me that it alters the EIBDATE/EIBTIME fields for applications running within its focus. I guess that it uses one of the Dispatcher Domain exits to modify the EIB fields accordingly. I deduce it also intercepts the API ASKTIME command to return a selected date. LE Date/Time functions are also manipulated by HourGlass.

I think this is excellent for Application programs that are concerned with Date/Time processing. DB2 seems also be be within Hourglass' ambit.

However, I'd be a little cautious and contact the vendor if any GLUEs are using Date/Time functions or if you have any code which is getting the Date/Time info from the CSA or other places within CICS.

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