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FTP help

A reader wrote in asking for help with an FTP job. See what help expert Mark Zelden offered.

How can I FTP multiple files to MVS PDS? I was able to use MPUT from PC multiple files to PDS. Now I am trying to run the batch job from mainframe to MGET files into PDS. But it doesn't recognize PDS as a directory and creates multiple files with VB format appending name of the file to the PDS name. Could you please suggest what I am doing wrong?

I'm not sure I understand exactly what the problem is. Are you trying to MPUT to the z/OS, or trying to MGET from z/OS? If you are using MPUT from your PC then you don't use MGET after MPUT. Here is an example of the commands to use after your userid / password have been entered. The PROMPT command will toggle prompting so you are not asked to verify each PDS member:

lcd /local/dir
mput *

Note that the file names in /local/dir must conform to MVS PDS member name conventions.

If you are trying to do MGET from z/OS instead of MPUT from the PC, please see this past response of mine that available at the TechTarget Expert Answer Center: How can I FTP many PC files to z/OS and save them to a single PDS?

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