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Examining application codes

Situation: CPU 1 has a CICS region that issues a "START" for Transaction "XYZ." CPU 2,3 and 4 have CICS regions that issue a "START" for Transaction "XYZ."

Question 1: Is there a report that could provide information as to which CPUs and or applications are running on each CPU and have a CICS region that has initiated a "START" of a "specific" Transaction ID? (Transaction "XYZ" in the example above).

Question 2: What is the simplest method for determining the needed information outlined in Question 1?

Question 3: What are some other methods that would provide more a comprehensive compilation of the needed information outlined in Question 1?

I think your question comes down to examining the application code and seeing where the relevant XC START TRAN(X) is issued. There is the Load Module Scanner (in the Ops book) but that can only be used to find where the XC START commands are. It cannot select upon the Transaction to be started.

I think you need to turn stats on and then use the generated reports to see where the XC STARTs with the relevant Transaction are being issued always assuming that all of them are being exercised whilst the stats are being collected.

Analyze the reports using the Stats batch reports or use the new CICS PM and CICS PA tools.

The combination of the Stats report (showing a subset of XC STARTs that were issued) together with the Load Module Scanner (showing where to look for the XC STARTs that were not invoked) should give you what you want.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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