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Evolution/Sendmail vs. Exchange/Outlook

My company has 300 users and eight servers, 3 running Windows (front office and e-mail) and five running Linux. We want to get off of MS Exchange and Outlook. What are the differences between Evolution and MS Exchange and Outlook? Is Evolution included in Scalix? Can Sendmail replace Outlook effectively?
Evolution is a client product that includes e-mail, calendaring and contact management. It is analogous to Microsoft Outlook, and in fact is designed to mimic it quite closely to make a transition to Evolution relatively painless. Evolution can connect to Exchange or other e-mail servers. It would be possible to use Evolution as a client and configure it to use sendmail as the e-mail mail transfer agent (MTA) and other open source options for the other groupware capabilities of Exchange. Scalix does not include Evolution; as far as integrating Evolution with Scalix, you'd have to confirm that it could be done, but I would expect it could, as Scalix supports Outlook, and Evolution is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Outlook in an Exchange environment.

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