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Evaluating proprietary Linux email management products

Open source software and apps expert Bernard Golden suggests SugarCRM for a company, based on its email management offerings.

What open source or proprietary Linux e-mail management products should my company evaluate? We have been using a custom, in-house mail management system, but we are outgrowing it. We would like to change to another product to eliminate the cost of constantly updating it ourselves. I've used StrongMail in the past and wasn't very pleased with it both on cost and effort involved. Can you suggest some other options?

One open source product I am familiar with that contains email management is SugarCRM. SugarCRM offers a suite of CRM functionality, part of which is managing email campaigns. Other than SugarCRM, I am not familiar with any other email management products, as this is not an area I have focused on. Best of luck.

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