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Evaluating Linux for reliability, cost and performance

I've that Unix is 10 times faster and more stable as a platform. Is that also true of Linux? If I should consider a change, how can I evaluate and compare:
  1. Performance
  2. Reliabillity
  3. Cost
I would say Unix and Linux both are much more stable and perform better then Windows servers. Because both Unix and Linux can run on almost mainframe-type caliber machines (I.E IBM p690 servers) with dynamic logical partitioning, there really is no scalability comparison. Of course, you may not require such horsepower from your applications, and you might not have the deep pockets necessary, even if you did. Regarding how to evaluate and compare, there are a ton of white papers on the Internet that have all sorts of comparisons. Here's one that compares Linux vs. Windows using Oracle.

My suggestion to you is to start "googling" around. Then, call some of the Unix/Linux vendors (IBM, Red Hat) and ask them for some numbers. Trust me, they will be delighted to hand you all sorts of materials and give you cost estimates as well.

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