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Enabling reads in CICS while doing updates in MVS

I would like to have a CICS Region-A up and have a file defined in FCT read/browse only. No updates. Then in Region-B, which is down, be able to update this same file via batch. I'd prefer to stay away from VSAM ShareOption 3,3 or 4,3. Might you suggest a way to achieve this?
If you do not want to go down the Shareoptions route, then it looks like to me you want to generally enable reads in CICS at the same time as doing updates in MVS. The way to do this is to get the VSAM RLS active for the file. There is some info on this in the System Definition Guide (look for SMSVSAM). You will need RLS=YES in the SIT to get this active within CICS.

RLS, crudely, means that locks for records in the VSAM file are held in the Coupling Facility, so permitting multiple access with integrity.

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