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Dropping a stored procedure properly

Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh gives recommends how to drop a stored procedure properly.

I have accidently deleted a store procedure from the sysobjects table by issuing the delete command. I should have dropped the stored procedure but instead of droppping it, I have deleted the stored procedure. I have tried to update the sysobjects table using the similar store procedure name which has been deleted, but the following error prompt out: "Procedure 'testing' has already been created with group number 1 - create procedure with an unused group number." What can I do to fix this problem?

You cannot delete a stored procedure from SYSOBJECTS system table unless you change the configuration setting of ASE by using sp_configure 'allow updates', 1. To do that, you need to be Sybase system administrator. It is better not to delete from system catalogue tables unless it is absolutely necessary. The proper way of dropping a stored procedure is to issue the following command:


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