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Don't live with the deadly embrace

From time to time I get what is known as a deadly embrace between two CICS applications. One will die and the other will go into a suspended status and will not abend without terminating the transaction manually.

1. Can I use the DTIMOUT parameter for the two CICS transactions?
2. How can I determine what to set the DTIMOUT parsmeter to?

The thing to do is find out why you have two different transactions that are getting this deadly embrace. This is not something you should just accept as "one of those things" and live with it. It may be something as trivial as not having enough strings/buffers on a VSAM file. Turn on the trace and find out!

There is no prescriptive setting for DTIMEOUT that I can give. It should not be too large to avoid unnecessary end user waits but again, not too small so that the lock can be resolved. However, I'm slightly concerned that when one transaction abends, the other was still waiting on the former still is stuck.

After an investigation you might want to raise a problem but ensure you do the investigation first!

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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