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Does Thunderbird have calendaring, activities or notes?

I'm no expert, just an Outlook 2000 user. As far as I understand, Thunderbird does not have a calendar feature, but what about activities and notes? Does Thunderbird have them? These features are really important to me.
Not strictly true: the Calendar extension (go shopping at http://update.mozilla.org) adds a simple standards-based calendar to Thunderbird. It's not yet ready for group appointments or e-mailed reminders though -- you'll have to wait a bit for those features.

Thunderbird 1.0 doesn't do activities and notes at all, but then neither did Outlook 1.0. I recommend asking someone to make an extension to do that -- it's an obvious enhancement that lots of people will want (personally I hate those features -- I'd rather litter my desk with bits of paper). You can ask for new extensions at the forums here: http://forums.mozillazine.org/. Just ask.

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