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Does SCO have a leg to stand on?

SCO is going after BSD now, citing a 1994 agreement between Unix Systems Laboratories, Inc. and Berkeley Software Design, Inc. Does SCO have a leg to stand on? Is this a preamble to SCO going after MacOS? Are any Linux distros safe from SCO? Like Debian, maybe?
I think some judge needs to take a stand on this, and rule to stop all these frivolous lawsuits. It's outrageous to see an entire corporate strategy built around perceived profits from settlements or litigation. I'm not an attorney, but I would say at this point, nothing is safe. Why not go after MacOS -- after all it really is Unix behind the covers, right? I would say no Linux distributions are safe at this point, and ultimately it will take a strong judge to put a stop to all this nonsense. The only folks that would be truly safe would be companies that agreed to fork over the money to SCO for these "licenses." I hope as few people do so as possible, because the more companies that do this, the more it throws legitimacy to the claims of the SCO beast.

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