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Does CICS keep statistics on TSQs created?

I need information regarding CICS statistics and where to find it. I am specifically looking for the information...

regarding temporary storage queues. I need the following information about every queue created in main storage:

Name of the queue
Created by (task id, terminal id ) and time
Address of the queue
Length of the queue
Deleted by (task id, termindal id) and time
Number of read request on that queue

Does cics record these information somewhere. If so what is that file and is there an program to format this information.

CICS does not keep permanent statistics for temporary storage queues in the same way it does for other resources such as files, Transient Data queues etc. This is because specific Temporary Storage queues are not defined by RDO and are extremely volatile. However, while a Temporary Storage Queue exists, CICS does keep some of the information listed in the question; things like the TS queue location (aux,main), TS queue length, number of items in the queue, transid which created it, elapsed time since used, and so on... This information can be accessed using an EXEC CICS INQUIRE TSQUEUE SPI command or via a CEMT INQUIRE TSQUEUE (refer to the CICS System Programming Reference Manual for details).

This was last published in February 2002

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