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Documenting traffic flow and control in a demilitarized zone

I'm designing a DMZ and want to document traffic flow and control. If my boss wants to see subnet flow, what traffic is allowed in on what port, what are some examples of that?
I assume that you are using a firewall that is showing traffic between your DMZ and the Red Zone (general Internet) that would document the traffic coming from the subnet to the rest of the world. Mandriva has just released their latest security product, Mandriva Multi Network Firewall 2, that should have intrusion detection and show traffic between the two zones.

However, your question was specifically how to document traffic flow and control -- and that is more a function of a network analyzer. I suggest you look at Ethereal, an open source network protocol analyzer. Ethereal can capture network data and store it in a capture file. This probably will best serve your needs.

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