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Do you have any recommendations for good Linux laptops?

I'm looking to buy a laptop -- a really nice piece of hardware -- without paying extra for Microsoft bells and whistles. Do you have any recommendations for good Linux laptops?
I just went through a similar shopping process for a laptop. I talked to these folks at Comdex: www.linuxcertified.com. They have Linux laptops, though I haven't used them. You might also want to talk to your local Computer Renaissance or similar store.

The thing is, though, that since Linux isn't as much of a resource hog as Windows, you won't really need big iron to get good results. I just got a new laptop to run Linux on from www.half.com for under $400, and then just picked up Redhat 9 for $12 bundled with a Linux magazine at a bookstore. The laptop has 256 MB RAM and a decent processor, and 12 GB hard disk space. OpenOffice.org runs nice and fast on it, and as mentioned in another Q&A, installation and setup for Redhat 9 were really slick.

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