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Do blade servers decrease number of cables?

How much are blades really going to lower my cabling count?

How much are blades really going to lower my cabling count?
This depends on what brand you use and what configuration you chose. Most offer little, if any savings, especially if you cable your data center to TIA-942, which suggests that you run your horizontal and vertical cabling to accommodate growth so that you don't have to revisit them. Cabling is a very small part of your overall network costs (5% to 7%), so this should not be your prime consideration. But in a typical scenario, you will have one in-band and one out-of-band port for management then you will have x number of network connections. With file sizes increasing, some companies use one network connection per blade, some two, just to have faster data access. Work with your supplier to get the right counts for your applications.

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