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Difficulty connecting to another host on the same network using talk command

I'm having difficulty connecting to another host on the same network using the talk command. We're running Red Hat 9. I think I have all the services turned on. They are also in my hosts file and vice versa.
It's hard to troubleshoot this without being in front of the machine, but we'll give it a whirl... First, you may want to check to see if the other user might have put his or her "do not disturb" sign on, accidentally. Determine if they did and mesg n, or mesg no. If they did, try mesg y or yes. I suspect that is your problem. If it is not, then make sure that your syntax is correct, should be something like this:

talk username@nameofserver.

You mentioned that the ports look okay -- just double-check that port 517 (talk) is turned on, and that in.talkd is running. Good luck!

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