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Determining the OS from which the client request was generated

I'm running a CICS program on the mainframe. I pick up the TERMID to determine if a user came in through the 3270 emulator or through Web390 (Webthority). I get a "W" as the first character of the TERMID from Web390. I'm using Netscape 4.7 for Web390.

How can I determine the operating system on the user's PC?

You do not say how you are running this CICS function. In the case of the 3270 emulator, you are obviously running a transaction via TN3270.

I don't think you can determine the OS from which the client request was generated. All you can do is configure your TCP/IP MVS functions so that one set of host IP addresses/ports are used for access from machine-type-A and another set of addresses/ports are used from machine-type-B.

From the view of the Web Interface, I assume that you are running function via the CISC Web facilities whereby you specify the program to be run at the end of the URL naming the CICS region (or other equivalent). You can get at the HTTP Headers for the Web-type accesses and so write your own Analyzer to process and route the request differently for each type of issuing environment.

Robert Harris
CICS Technical Strategist -- CICS expert at Search390.com

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