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Creating a simple backup log

Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh explains how to create a backup log.

Is there any database table in Sybase like backupset in MS SQLServer for recording Backup History? We use this table to display data for backup histories. We have a log on Sybase backup server but that does not help me. I need a similar kind of table which stores backup information automatically. Do we have any automated recording of backup events (history) in Sybase? Or do we have to design our own table and populate it order to do the same?

Sybase ASE writes backup information to backup errorlog which is, by default, in the ASE's install directory. You should be able to write a small routine that dumps the database and writes the backup info like START TIME, END TIME, TIME TAKEN, NUMBER OF STRIPES USED and SIZE into a database table. You can design your own table and use ASE scheduler to start your backup job.

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