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Correcting load data issues

Expert Mike Hillyer recommends a PHP workaround and bug monitoring to deal with load data issues in MySQL.

I'm using MySQL 5.0.18, and I'm trying to use LOAD DATA INFILE to load data into a table with large BIT columns. I've tried various formats for the BIT column values (0x01, b'01', 1), but the resulting value is never correct. If I export an existing table using SELECT INTO OUTFILE, it creates the text file with an irreproducible binary value for the BIT column. A subsequent import works fine. How do I load data so the value is correct with reproduceable binary values in the BIT columns?

This is being looked into, in the meantime it appears that using a function such as PHP's pack() function to write binary values for the bit data is a workaround. You may wish to keep an eye on the bug tracking system to find out what progress is being made. Try searching for 'load data bit'.

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