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Connecting from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to a printer on a Windows system

An expert shows you how to configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to use a printer over a network with Samba.

I am using RHEL 4 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4) and I want to connect to a printer on a Windows machine. The Windows box is a part of domain. Could you tell me how to configure it? I am not in a domain but part of the network and getting ip add from dhcp server.

First, you want to open the Red Hat Enterprise Linux printer configuration tool:

Next, select Networked Windows (SMB), which refers to printers attached to the Windows system and being shared over an SMB (Server Message Block) network (such as a printer attached to a PC configured as a print server). Samba provides the print services to clients running SMB-compatible network clients. The /etc/printcap file and the /usr/local/etc/smb.conf will need to be edited accordingly. For more information and detail, go straight to the source,  the Red Hat Admin guide, which will provide you with all the instructions you need. We are assuming that when you say that the printer is "on a Windows machine", that it does not have a networked JetDirect card with its own IP address. If it does, you should select that option using the Red Hat printer configuration tool.

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