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Conflicting credentials with Windows 2000

Windows-to-Linux interoperability expert Mark Hinkle explains how to overcome the "conflicting credentials" error message from Windows 2000.

I have a Red Hat ES 3.0 server running Samba 3.0 as a PDC server. I have been able to get my Windows 98 clients to join the domain and run the login script but not the Windows 2000 systems. I can view Samba shares on the Win2000 systems in Windows Explorer but I can't get the Win2000 to join the domain or run the login script. (I believe that when I get the system to join the domain the login script will run.)

To try to connect to the domain I go to the "Control Panel" button and select the "System" option. From there, I go to the "Properties" subheading of the "Network Identification" key. I select "Domain" under "Member of" and input the domain name. Then I am prompted for a login name and I enter the same name and password I used on the Win98 system. Finally, I receive the following error "The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials."

I am not having this problem in Win98. What's going on?

I have found a couple references to this problem none reference you exact problem but they may help lead you to the correct answer. The cause is "double accessing" a resource from the same Windows machine. It may be because you are already auto-logged from the Windows 2000 machine. You can sever the connections by rebooting or use the following trick from the command prompt on your Windows client:


This should remove all shares to other computers from Windows 2000. You may find that the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles helpful too "Error: The Credentials Supplied Conflict with an Existing Set of Credentials" or "Err Msg: The Credentials Supplied Conflict with an Existing...".

Here are some relevant articles from the Samba mailing list.

You can solve the problem by creating different users for each resource.

Basically, the post states that if the Windows network redirector can't handle it, you can solve the problem by using different entries in your local lmhosts file (on the NT box).

For example:

net use servershare1 /user:1

net use /user:user2 is the IP address of "server."

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