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Configuring iptables

I've read some good tips on using iptables on your site: Securing your Linux server with iptables and Netfilter and iptables: Understanding how they harden Linux.

What I really need now are some tips on doing a good job of configuring iptables.

It really depends on what you are configuring with iptables, but it's probably worth mentioning a few places where you can get quality iptables information.

Let's start at the beginning with Rusty Russell's original iptables documentation, which has dated a little but still represents a very good introduction to the topic. There is also the iptables tutorial by Oskar Andreasson that is available. Another useful site is http://www.iptablesrocks.org/ which has an easy to read tutorial and a good collection of examples.

Lastly, the netfilter homepage itself provides an excellent collection of FAQs that I strongly recommend all serious iptables tinkerers read.

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