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Concerns with batch CICS project

I'm working on a project where an outsourced application (CICS/BATCH) is being brought into the new owner's datacenter. What are additional high level items I should be concerned about aside from OS, CICS Version, Machine Model, COBOL Compiler version?

Other software considerations would include:- 
      UNIX System Services (if required) 
      Database requirements (DB2, IMS DB, DFSMS...) 
      HLL support (Language Environment, runtime libraries for particular 
      SDK level (if using Java) 
      Messaging products (MQSeries...) 
      Security management (RACF, TopSecret, ACF2...) 
      Communications Server requirements (SNA, TCP/IP) 
      Data recovery support (CICS/VR..) 
      Sysplex requirements (CF level...) 
      System management tools( CICSPlex SM, Tivoli...) 
      Debuggers (Debug Tool...) 

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