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Compiling OpenSSH on Feisty Fawn

An Ubuntu expert describes where in the process of compiling OpenSSH on Feisty Fawn a reader missed a step.

Thanks for the excellent write-up on compiling OpenSSH on Ubuntu. I have tried to do all the steps as mentioned in the tip and managed to progress nicely, despite a warning about a PAM module. When I try to restart the server following the end bits of the article, I get a message as follows: " ..line3: /etc/init.d/sshd: No such file or directory". I am not able to see any 'sshd' file in '/etc/init.d' directory either. Maybe I have missed something in the steps which I am not aware of or maybe there's something else that needs to be done which I haven't. I will much appreciate your help in this regard.

Check out the original tip on Compiling OpenSSH on Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Server.

You're very welcome, and yes, you missed a small step. Your working directory should be '/etc/init.d' and you should perform this step.

Download the file 'ssh' from www.lostcreations.com. This new file is edited so that all hardcoded references to the Ubuntu repository version of OpenSSH are replaced with variables and those variables are set to the new version of OpenSSH.

  'sudo wget http://www.lostcreations.com/~akutz/openssh-4.6p1/ssh;
  chmod +x ssh'

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