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Comparing functions in Excel vs. Base

An OpenOffice expert describes how to perform the Excel tasks, like math functions and the "insert merge field" command, in OpenOffice's database program, Base.

I use the spreadsheet for math functions inside of my quotation master document in Word. I also use the "insert merge field" function to bring in the customer information from an Excel file. Is this possible in OpenOffice 2.0?
Yes, you can set up a spreadsheet, among other things, as a database. Select File > New > Database, choose, to connect to an existing data source. Choose Spreadsheet as the type, and click Next. In the next window, specify the spreadsheet and continue through the wizard, being sure to register the database and name it something meaningful.

Then, you can choose Insert > Fields > Other, select the Database tab and open your database. You can also press F4 to view a list of all databases, expand the database you want and drag a field into your Writer document.

You might also try variables. Insert > Fields > Other, Variables, and create a user field.

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