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Comparing Exim to other mail servers

My company has used Exim, which gives us good control over some 23,000 mail boxes. Exim allows our use of seven separate domains on the same server to be maintained while we consolidate the customers. My company is growing quickly, however. Is Exim going to scale well? Have you heard anything about how Exim performs for larger companies? How does it compare feature-wise to other software program?
It sounds like you might be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) because few corporations support the number of mailboxes, domains and growth rate that you mention solely with a mail transfer agent (MTA) like Exim. An MTA is a program for receiving, routing and delivering e-mail. MTAs differ from messaging servers as they do not have message storage, directories, address lists, contact management, calendaring and other features. Exim was developed at the University of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet. Like most MTAs, Exim has a good reputation for efficiently delivering mail and for scalability, like sendmail and postfix. Commenting on specific Exim scalability for larger organizations is difficult due to the variables that affect performance. Feature-wise, it is comparable with other MTAs. For more information, www.exim.org contains mailing lists where users actively discuss these and other topics.

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