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Cobal and Acucobol on Linux

I have an old system36 app running on HP-UX 10.20 in a system36 emulation package. This app is written in COBAL and RPG2 code. I would like to know if anyone has ported old system36 COBAL and RPG2 code to run on Linux natively.

Cobol has been ported to Linux, you may want to look at Acucobol. I myself have used Acucobol in an HP-UX environment with Good results. The Acucobol compiler translates COBOL source into a ``b-code'' file. When you execute an Acucobol program, you actually run a b-code interpreter. It's no problem for a program compiled on one sort of machine to be executed on any other machine that runs Acucobol. For more information, check out this link:


Regarding RGP2, good luck. I programmed in RPG2 in the early 80's and I hated it. Anyway, check out this URL. Folks claim that using the tools on this web site that they were able to get an RPG programs up and running in less than one day! If this is true, it goes a long way towards really stamping IBM as a real Linux power shaping the open source community!


Good luck.

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