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Changing field orders in an existing database

An OpenOffice expert describes two workarounds for changing the field order of an existing OpenOffice database.

Is there a way to change the order of the fields after the database has been made? I just keep missing things. When I edit the form, it lets me cut and paste but I can only paste to the end; I can't insert a new field anywhere but the end. Although the field order can be changed around for any form or data entry, it just makes for easy organization to have fields basically the same way.

I haven't found a way to do this well. If you haven't put the data in yet, then you can just right-click on the table name and choose Edit and retype the names and data types in design view. However, if you do this once data has been entered, everything is undone once you save and the table goes back to the way it was.

You might consider making a view or query of the table, with the fields in the order you want. Or export the table to a spreadsheet, rearrange the data in the spreadsheet, then bring the spreadsheet back into the database as a new table and delete the old one.

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