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Changing document headers in OpenOffice Calc

An expert describes how to change each header for OpenOffice's Calc.

How do I make different headers for each individual sheet in OpenOffice Calc?

There are some possibilities to work with; all of them might not work depending on your spreadsheet.

  • You can base the header for the document on the sheet name. This is the default. Right-click on the sheet name, choose Rename and the spreadsheet will reflect the current sheet name on every page.

    If the sheet name isn't in the header, choose Format > Page, click the Header tab, click Edit, click in the area where you want the sheet name to show up, then click the Sheet Name icon.

  • You can bypass the Header and Footer tabs and specify that some of the rows or columns in the spreadsheet it self should be repeated at the top of each page.
    1. Choose Format > Print Ranges > Edit.
    2. Click in the Rows to Repeat (or Columns to Repeat field for columns).
    3. Just use your mouse to select the rows to repeat.
    4. Repeat with the other field if you want both columns and rows to repeat.
    5. Click OK.

    You might use IF or other functions to make the contents of the rows you choose to repeat vary for each page. This, of course, would depend a lot on your data and what you want to print on each page.

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