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Career trends for Linux programmers

It seems that Linux specialists are in growing demand, e.g., system administrators, support specialists and security professionals. Can you tell me about a future with Linux Application Development? How did you get started on making a living with Linux? What are some good ways to get started today?
Demand for Linux-based skills is definitely on the uptick. The best thing that application developers can do is to keep their options open. If you've been a Visual Basic programmer, for example, then maybe it's time to get some training and experience with Java. If you have skills in a cross-platform language, it will be easier for you to ride the Linux wave.

Most organizations have some Linux in place by now, so if you're a system administrator, you should try to gain some experience at work. Ask the Linux guys questions, and show that you're interested in learning. If they go to Linux user group meetings, then go with them. Meetings are also a good way to gain exposure to many Linux applications so you can get a feel for what interests you most. If you're lucky, you're employer will realize that you're an asset, and send you for training.

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