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Can't use voice chat outside network

I'm using Redhat Linux 7.3 as a gateway Server with Squid for Internet cache and iptables for firewalls. Every user connected with this network can easily do voice chat using MSN Messenger and send and receive files using MSN messenger locally. But when any user connected with this network tries to use voice chat out of our network (with a user who is in another city or country), he can't -- although he can send and receive files easily.

Keeping in mind that I am not using DHCP, I manually assign IP address to all clients on my network. One thing more, there is no such problem relating with Yahoo messenger voice chat and there is no port block on gateway server. How can I resolve this main problem on my network?

I suspect the problem is that the voice traffic is not being "proxyed" correctly since everyone talking behind the firewall is okay. You should look at ReAIM Proxy. You should be able to run this in conjunction with your current setup to proxy the voice traffic. They even have a list of rules to set up iptables to pass the traffic appropriately.

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