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Can you recommend some free or inexpensive Linux courses?

I am currently looking for my next step in my career, and I'd like to learn more about Linux. Can you recommend any very inexpensive or free Linux courses online and in the Boston area? In my previous job as a Web administrator, I did play around with some Linux machines but we did not have any in production. I am currently not working, and therefore I am on a tight budget. Any course that will help get me a job will be worth the cost!
There are many on-site courses given in the Boston area, though I'm not sure any of them meet your requirement as being inexpensive. See this link to a company in Boston that offers a four-day class. The price is $1695.

You may be better off with the on-line variety. Here's a free one, from the folks at linux.org.

For a little bit of money ($59), you can have access to a program that has 9 areas of Linux as part of its curriculum.

Courses are good, but my recommendation to you is to get a free copy of Linux somewhere as part of a book, install it on an old PC or create a partition on an existing PC, and have some fun. I believe that you can learn operating systems best by playing around with them. Good luck!

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