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Can you recommend any very inexpensive or free Linux courses?

I am currently looking for my next step in my career, and I'd like to learn more about Linux. Can you recommend any very inexpensive or free Linux courses online and in the Boston area? In my previous job as a Web administrator, I did play around with some Linux machines but we did not have any in production. I am currently not working, and therefore I am on a tight budget. Any course that will help get me a job will be worth the cost!
I would suggest that you start by buying a copy of SuSE Linux or Red Hat Linux -- Personal edition. Then read ALL the on-line documentation. Read all you can find on the vendors' Web sites. Search Google.com. Read all the HOWTOs you can find in /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/...

Happy reading and learning. When you start to feel your way, you might also like to contact www.lpi.org for information regarding certification.

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