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Can you pre-compile OS/VS COBOL programs?

I saw an answer from you recently that CICS TS V2.3 would support OS/VS COBOL via LE.

Does this mean that these OS/VS COBOL programs are capable of being pre-compiled? Or will there have to be an environment outside of CICS TS v2.3 to compile these programs?

An existing pre-compiled OS/VS COBOL program will be able to run in the next release after CICS TS V2.2 without the need to re-compile and test.

But if you need to change the source code of an OS/VS COBOL CICS program to run under CICS TS V2.2 or later you will need to use an old CICS translator and an old OS/VS COBOL compiler.

But if you are changing source code why not go the extra mile and upgrade to the ANSI 85 standard supported by the new COBOL 3 compiler?

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