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Can batch-compiled COBOL programs run in CICS?

CICS expert Robert Harris offers advice on running batch-compiled COBOL programs in CICS environment.

I am trying to write a C program that calls a COBOL routine (either linked statically or using fetch() or EXEC CICS LOAD). I can get it working fine in z/OS batch but when I try to do it in CICS I get an 0C4 every time with whatever compile and link options I choose.

We are on z/OS release 1.2, CICS v6.2, LE370 for the C compiler and COBOL II for COBOL. Any ideas?

My understanding is that a batch-compiled COBOL program cannot be run within the CICS environment (however one invokes it). You will have to recompile the secondary program as a CICS program and then either XC LINK to it or use the Cobol dynamic linkages as you observe.

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